Talking With Horses

Mission & Vision

Communication is more than just talking. Communication consists of body language, energy, vision, and emotions. Communication is done with the body and mind and not just the brain. Giving the horse a way to communicate creates mutual understanding. Communication at this level offers the opportunity to get to the origin of problems and heal trauma. The steps needed for improvement are clarified this way. The bond between horse and human is improved by creating mutual understanding, allowing both to grow on a personal and intellectual level.

Horses are like angels, put on this earth to impart humans with self-awareness and to give insight into life. Over 15 years ago I wrote this text believing it to be true. Although I still believe there is some truth to it, I also believe this no longer covers everything. To this day however, I haven’t yet found a better way to summarize my vision.

How does it work?

Everything is energy including, emotions, a memory, a word, a sentence, and a thought. Everything has energy vibrations. People with telepathic abilities feel the vibrations of emotions, impressions, and images and translate this to human language. For me, it immediately forms into human language, which makes conversation a lot easier. Images, emotions, and feelings allow me to create the total picture.

Why a consultation?

To gain insights into the personality of your horse. You can ask him how he feels, whether he is in pain, or the reason for specific behavior. In addition, it is possible to help your horse heal from trauma. Horses often also have a message for their owner or leaser, allowing you to gain insight into yourself.

How do I work?

I introduce myself and ask whether the horse can tell me something about him/herself. Subsequently, I ask the questions given to me by the owner. Finally, I ask whether the horse would like to share anything else. I might ask additional questions for clarification. All information, good and bad, will be shared with the owner. You will receive an email with a pdf file with further explanation and/or advice from me.

Does it always work?

No, some horses don’t want any contact or are afraid to open up. I try twice and if it doesn’t work the second time you get a full refund. Making contact with an animal should be done calmly. They must feel safe to open up. Some have to get used to such contact and of course, they also need to have the time and energy. If I’m at home, that’s no problem. I’ll take a cup of tea or go run an errand and try again later. That’s also the reason why I rarely work on-site. You deprive them of the opportunity to say ‘no’. Sometimes they just simply refuse or do not dare to expose themselves. In these cases, I will try a few times. If it doesn’t work I will refund your money in full.

The role of the owner

After a consultation, it is up to the owner to do something with the information. I can translate the information that was communicated to me during the consultation, but that won’t necessarily solve the problem. That’s not to say that everything always has to change radically. More understanding improves the bond between you and the animal. Sometimes I refer you to an osteopath, veterinary naturopath, a veterinarian or another professional. Of course, it is always up to the owner to choose whether they comply with this and who they let come. I am always willing to consult with your professional if necessary.

Dogs & cats

Horses may be my specialization, but of course I also talk to dogs and cats. Because both dogs and cats often live in the house, they have a different contact with ‘their people’. The way of making contact is exactly the same. The insights and the answers may be different, but just as beautiful and educational.

What do I need?

To make the contact as clear as possible, I have a few preferences that work pleasantly for me. For example, I would like to receive your animal’s name, gender and also some pictures.
A picture on which the animal clearly looks into the camera and also one taken from the side with the whole body on it. Important about those photos is that your animal is the only one on them (so pay attention to your background!) and that they are unedited (so no photo shoot photos). In addition, I would like to receive the questions that you would like to ask the animal. Those questions ensure that it really becomes a conversation and also assures that you will get an answer to what concerns you as an owner. If you request a consultation through the site, you will be able to fill in this information in the intake form.

How do I request a consultation?

You can request this by filling in the form on the website and attaching the photos of the horse. If this does not work, you can send an e-mail to

The price of consultation includes advice from my side. If necessary, the consultation will also be translated by a native speaker. (not included in price).

Standard consultation by mail, including 5 questions 60 euro
Emergency consultation by mail, including 5 questions 90 euro (an emergency consultation will take place within 24 hours)
Live consultation by Whatssapp or Messenger 90 euro (appointment only)

You can request this by filling in the form on the website and attaching the photos of the horse. If this does not work, you can send an e-mail to
As soon as the application and payment has been received, it will be placed on the waiting list. Sometimes it is a bit longer than other times, but the aim is always to do the consultation within 2 weeks.

Payment in advance
When registering a consultation, you can pay online. Do you want an invoice for your accounting? That’s not a problem. Put the correct billing address in ‘comments’. Because Talking with Horses falls under the Dutch small business regulations, we do not charge VAT, but an invoice is not a problem. Are you really not satisfied afterward? Feel free to contact us.

My story

My name is Annika and I have been “reading” animals for over 15 years. Horses are my specialty but I can also read cats and dogs. As a child, I was already interested in horses. My dream came true in 2000 when I got my first horse, June, a remarkable and smart mare. She is my soul mate and teacher and has accompanied me (and still does) on my journey.
My specialty is communicating with horses. Although I have been working in this field for many years I am still amazed by what we can learn from horses. If we just have to be willing to let go of our egos, to listen, observe, and receive.

Specialization requires passion, dedication, and knowledge. If I don’t have a broad frame of reference I won’t be able to effectively communicate with the horse. Broad knowledge and a deep understanding create a large frame of reference. This is the main reason for me to increase and improve my knowledge. I often work together with vets, osteopaths, physical therapists, veterinary naturopaths, and other professionals.

Not only instructive but also practical. That way you can search and get started in a multidisciplinary way.

Ayscha de Roo

I ended up at Annika / talking with horses to a referral from a holistic vet. How special that she can be a voice, allowing animals to indicate to themselves what is going on in their lives. My experience is that Annika passes on very purely. The message of an animal can bring all kinds of emotions and sometimes even confrontational. I think it’s very clever how she chooses to stay true to what is. That doesn’t seem easy to me, but she can do it. All information has always proved very valuable to me, although sometimes I could not place it directly. I have reread sessions that I could fully interpret retroactively. My connection with horses runs deep. Not everyone can join in, but Annika has that gift. You and your horse are in good hands with her.

Ayscha de Roo

Catherine Taks

Receiving what a horse or animal has to say is something that many can do. But interpreting that message in the right way requires knowledge, common sense, and that little bit extra that Annika has in her. It’s what makes her special. She can give good advice but is also willing to take a step back if necessary. She is open and honest in her findings.

Catherine Taks

Margriet Jonk

A revelation.
I had been struggling with my horse Celva for over 6 years. Already undergone various clinics and therapies. Meso, injections in various places, and a different way of driving. It went a little better. But it never worked out. Until a friend of mine told me about Annika during a beach ride. Annika talks to your horse through a photo. Gosh, I was still thinking. But for that money, I’ll give it a try. After I had simply made an appointment by mail in April and emailed the photo, I received a response. And the conversation was not pleasant. Celva appeared to suffer from geopathic radiation. As a result, she could not rest and suffer from all those ailments. When I moved her to another box, she noticeably improved. Here she could relax. Celva’s ‘problem’ resolved itself after the summer. Moral of this story.
All vets and therapists can do a lot. But the ‘conversation’ with my horse got us back on track. Anika. Thank you on behalf of Celva, Jura ️ and Margriet

Margriet Jonk

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