A revelation.
I had been struggling with my horse Celva for over 6 years. Already undergone various clinics and therapies. Meso, injections in various places, and a different way of driving. It went a little better. But it never worked out. Until a friend of mine told me about Annika during a beach ride. Annika talks to your horse through a photo. Gosh, I was still thinking. But for that money, I’ll give it a try. After I had simply made an appointment by mail in April and emailed the photo, I received a response. And the conversation was not pleasant. Celva appeared to suffer from geopathic radiation. As a result, she could not rest and suffer from all those ailments. When I moved her to another box, she noticeably improved. Here she could relax. Celva’s ‘problem’ resolved itself after the summer. Moral of this story.
All vets and therapists can do a lot. But the ‘conversation’ with my horse got us back on track. Anika. Thank you on behalf of Celva, Jura ️ and Margriet